Virtual Curriculum Night

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Dear Lily Lake Families, 

It was and exciting day here at Lily Lake! Students kicked off their day of curriculum today by hearing a story by our guest author, Steph Wade. Mrs. Wade shared with students the writing process, the process for choosing an illustrator as well as how she researches for the stories she writes. Be sure to ask your child to share with you what they have been working on during their time at school, or with their remote teacher and take some time to participate in our Virtual Curriculum Night as a family. 

The staff and I would like to welcome you to our Virtual Curriculum Night slideshow! The purpose of this slideshow is to celebrate the core curriculum and foster a home-school connection with what students are learning while they are at school, or working directly with their teachers on line. The slideshow attached is meant to be completed as a family at your own pace. We are encouraging children to start at their own classroom page and then move to the pages of their siblings. After that, please take time to take a look at the specials and resource pages for additional family-friendly learning activities that are sure to be the talk at the dinner table! We would love for you to share picture, or short video clips of your family engaging in these learning tasks. It is our hope that despite not being able to bring you into the building to share your child’s love of learning, that we can share that with you by letting them be the teacher while you as a family engage in fun learning tasks. We hope you enjoy Virtual Curriculum Night!

In partnership with you, 


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