5Essentials Survey

Calling all parents!

December 4th – December 20th you will have an opportunity to give us your feedback!

We need you to give us your feedback about your experience at Lily Lake. We are looking for high parent participation to give us feedback and input in 5 key areas. This feedback is an important indicator on the Illinois School Report Card!

Below is a link to take a short survey that will help us use your feedback and input to drive our school improvement goals. In order for the parent feedback to be incorporated into our school’s data, we need a  20% or higher participation rate. For the past four years, we were able to achieve that level or response which was included in our report card rating! Last year Lily Lake had the most parent feedback of all elementary schools with a 33% parent feedback rate! Thank you!

If we meet our goal of getting an overall 20% or more parent response rate, students will also be rewarded by having a special day of their choosing!

Thank you in advance for taking time to fill out this very important survey. Go LL Lions!