A Note from Ms. Jurs on Social Media Safety

Dear Lily Lake Lion Parents,

As we have moved through this year, I have had parent requests for more information
about social media apps. I have recently developed a social media
parent training and list of apps that kids at all levels are currently using. Being
informed about the apps your child is using is vital. Not monitoring their device,
or knowing what apps they are using, or who their followers are is like giving
your child keys to your car, letting them go to another state, or fly to another
country, without any guidance. Keeping up to date on current technology is
one of the many challenges parents today face as we navigate the safety surrounding
apps out there.

I have a middle school 8th grader and require her to show me her apps and
how she uses them. I have random phone checks once or twice a week and I
must know her passcode so that I can look at what she is doing on her phone
at any time. If she changes that code without my knowledge, she knows her
phone will be dropped from our family phone plan. My daughter isn’t happy
about that, but I know it keeps her safe and me aware of the digital footprint
she is creating for herself.
I can’t stress enough that children have NO privacy when it comes to a device
YOU own. Even if your child purchased their own device, or phone, or it
was a gift to them by Papa and Grandma, you own the plan and YOU are in
charge of monitoring that device. Please see the attached list of apps that I do
not recommend for students.

Please click on the following link for a list of Red Zone Apps.

Red Zone Apps

In Partnership With You,
Ms. Jurs
Principal, Lily Lake Grade School

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