A Note from Ms. Jurs-Wednesday Safety Tip

Dear Lily Lake Families,

With the holidays upon us and many students getting new phones, computers and gaming devices for their holiday gift, it is important to be diligent and know what they are using, watching and responding to online.

There is currently a new app called Lipsi that is becoming increasingly popular with students of all ages. The Lipsi App is “an anonymous feedback app where students can accept anonymous feedback from others.” This app offers its users the ability to link it to Snapchat and Instagram profiles and has the ability to reveal a person’s identity and gather email, gender, date of birth, nationality,  photographs, location and social media accounts that the child links to. (https: //smartsocial.com)

Parents should be concerned about this app because it gives people a platform to anonymously comment on photos, stories, or posts within a child’s social media and gaming accounts. These types of apps have been linked to cyberbullying and stalking because a child’s identity and location can eventually be revealed.

Please talk with your child about internet safety and make sure you are monitoring their devices regularly so you have knowledge of what apps your child is downloading and who they are communicating with online. A general rule of thumb is if the child can’t point them out in the yearbook, know who their parents are, or know their full name, they should not friend, or follow the person. Safety isn’t always convenient, but it is crucial to set boundaries with children on all of their devices. Parental monitoring is also crucial for keeping our kids safe from online predators.

Thank you for taking time to read this important safety message.


Ms. Jurs

Principal of Lily Lake Grade School and

District 301 Safety Coordinator

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