A Note from Ms. Jurs on Social Media Safety

A Note from Ms. Jurs on Social Media Safety

With the digital age here, more and more students at younger and younger ages are getting onto social media apps. As the building principal and district safety coordinator I feel it is important that parents keep up on the newest apps out there and what they really offer. Many students freely sign up for apps and hop onto social media with little thought as to the safety ramifications that could occur as a result.

I am a parent of a teenager and have found that becoming informed and working with my child to ensure her safety has resulted in much better communication and her even asking me questions as to if a new app is safe, or not. It is important to understand what “permissions” a child is granting the app and whether or not it tracks their location. It is imperative that we adults monitor their activity and know who they are talking to, friending and reaching out to online!

I have found a free online parent resource that I would like to share with all of you! This resource has helped me navigate the many social media apps out there, have a better understanding of their capability and also lets me know the research behind what is deemed as “safe” or “unsafe.” Ultimately it is our job as parents to be the watchdog for our children and help give them safety strategies to navigate the larger social media world, but this resource is a step in educating me on the “latest/greatest” the kids find out about.

The name of the resource is: SmartSocial.com This resource offers parent universities that can be viewed with your child, U-tube videos on apps and if they are recommend for children, or not as well as other resources. Please consider looking into this resource, or others as we move into the summer months!

There will be a parent university coming up on May 30th on social media. Look for more information to come out from the district on this event.

SmartSocial.com Parent Resource

Positive and Negative Effects on Teens Health

In Partnership With You,

Ms. Jurs

Principal, Lily Lake Grade School


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